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“Our mission at Eworks Pro is to provide the highest quality LED lighting systems to the amusement industry; to provide professional service and consulting; to develop long-term relationships with our customers and business partners; and to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction.”

- Peter T. Gaughn, President


Our outstanding staff in product development, engineering, manufacturing and customer service has been working successfully time and time again with leading companies across the United States and around the world. Selecting Eworks Pro as a vendor ensures access to our engineering resources and decades of knowledge and experience accumulated by our staff.


E-Works Pro utilizes cutting edge robotic technology to manufacture our LED lighting products to exacting and highest quality standards right here in the United States. This proximity ensures stringent on-site quality control and in-house accountability. We never outsource manufacturing or quality control of our products to third party vendors inside or outside the United States.


No matter if you are purchasing our entry-level or high-end product line, Eworks Pro exclusively uses RGB LEDs in all of our products. Only RGB LEDs mix the desired color inside the LED, thereby providing pure and vivid colors for any occasion. We never use separate LEDs in red, green, or blue color that need to be blurred together with the help of unsightly textured lenses. Depending on your application, we can offer up to 11.7 million colors.


The circuit boards in all our LED light fixtures are encapsulated in a proprietary conformal coating that keeps water away from the electronics. IF water gets into a light fixture, it simply exits again at the next drainage point, and causes no harm to the circuitry.


All Eworks Pro light fixtures feature enclosures and lenses made from genuine Bayer Makrolon 2807 polycarbonate. This extremely impact resistant and optically clear material is the most expensive choice in its class of enclosures, but it also guarantees many years of the highest performance in protection for your light fixtures from ice, hail storms, transportation, and vandalism.


Our high-end HC product series features a high-speed octocoupler in each light feature. This device ensures that one defective light fixture cannot corrupt the data stream to all other devices in case of a malfunction within the signal processing path. Optocouplers are optical isolators for data, and act as a one-way valve that does not enable corrupted data to get back into the main signal path.


Wire harnesses play an important role in our lighting packages as they deliver electricity and digital signals to our light fixtures. Therefore, we are manufacturing them only from the highest quality cables available. All pluggable connectors to our light fixtures use gold-plated 3 conductor IP67 rated quick connectors. This level of quality ensures long-term performance and fast serviceability.


Our light fixtures can be mounted to a surface on your attraction, or to our proprietary aluminum extrusions. Our extrusions allow us to use pre-assembled light fixtures in up to 20ft long segments for faster installation on site. The use of quick connectors and sliding nuts on the side of our extrusions has greatly reduced the installation time on attractions and increased the productivity of our major ride manufacturers’ installation teams.

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